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Massasoit Athletics Hall Of Fame Objective
The objective of the Massasoit Community College Athletics Department is to provide students with the highest athletic, academic, and social experience.  Our goal is to achieve competitive success in every program and develop and maintain an environment that promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, compliance, equity, and diversity.  We strive to provide quality leadership and management to help our teams achieve a positive level of success.

Athletics has always been a mainstay at Massasoit currently offering the following varsity sports: men’s and women’s soccer, men's and women's cross country, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, women's volleyball, men's and women's track and men's golf as well as offering softball, hockey and tennis in the past.  Teams and individuals have found success at local as well as national levels.  Massasoit student-athletes have consistently been singled out for academic and athletic merit through league, All-Region and All-American recognition.

The Massasoit Hall of Fame is being conceived on the basis that many individuals have bestowed honor and recognition upon both themselves and Massasoit as a result of their participation in Massasoit athletics. The purpose of the Athletics Hall of Fame is to appropriately recognize these individuals and their accomplishments.


There are four levels of membership in the Massasoit Athletics Hall of Fame.

1.) Athlete Membership
2.) Coach Membership
3.) Team Membership
4.) Membership for Meritorious Service

Click Here for details on each level of membership to be eligible for the Massasoit Athletics Hall of Fame.


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